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Welcome to Dr Diet Natural & Medical Weight Loss. We are located in the beautiful St. George, UT. With the first business MD Diet opening in California, there are now locations in several cities throughout Southern California and Utah. Our diet plans are fast and effective ways to lose and manage your weight. We offer different plans based on how much and how quickly you would like to lose weight. Our diet plan is the way to successfully lose weight and stop the yo-yo dieting. We want to help you create good habits so that you will be able to manage your weight and feel good. Along with our standard weight loss plan we offer an accelerated HCG weight loss plan, a pH balancing diet plan, energy booster shots, and a wide variety of products and supplements to help you achieve your weight loss goals so you can feel confidant, happy and healthy.


Upon your first visit, our counselors at Dr. Diet will analyze your body’s composition to create a bio-analysis. This, along with your medical history, will help determine the percentage of muscle, bone, water and fat in your body, along with the condition of your overall health.

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We have a complete weight loss packet with information that has proven to be successful for thousands of patients! The food is delicious and easy to make. We also offer recipes and dvd's to help those that like to try new dishes.

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We all struggle at times with consistency and this is the key to weight loss. We are here to help you be consistent! Our motivated staff assists you when those temptations set in. We are here to cheer on your success and remind you "the goal is in sight!" After all, nothing tastes as good as being slim feels!

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